Concrete Foundation

All buildings are built on a foundation, but each house has a foundation different from the other. The type of house foundation is based on several factors: climate, geographical location, project budget, moisture and soil conditions, and house design.


Since a house foundation is meant to last forever, house owners need to pay attention to inner details that will make sure that it will remain crack-free and dry provided that it has a building to hold up.


Although foundations may vary from one type to another, your house is most likely to have the following three conditions: concrete slab-on-grade, crawlspace, and daylight or full basement. Also, these foundations are flexible and sometimes even serviceable foundations that can work for many homes across a range of specifications and climates.

What makes an incredible house foundation?

“Incredible” means steel-reinforced foundation footings and walls made of pure concrete. Steel-reinforced foundations are better when compared to the laboriously made foundations of mortar, brick, and stone that have supported houses for the past many years- even the concrete walls that most contractors were utilizing are just leak—and-crack susceptible.


A basement concrete foundation is the deepest among the three types of foundation. An entire basement matches most of the floor space above the level of the house, and it is typically at least seven feet in height. In most cases, newer houses generally have taller foundation basements meant to ease the transition into a living place.


The key benefit of a basement foundation is that it offers additional space for living and storage. In most apartments, completing a basement is almost double the house’s living space. Additionally, a basement can be conditioned, which means that it can be cooled or heated, and just like the rest of the building, it can also be unconditioned.

Full Basement Foundation

A full basement foundation is the one that matches the building’s perimeter above. Thus, if your house’s ground floor is eight hundred square feet, then the full basement foundation’s footage is also eight hundred square feet- less or more.

Crawls Space Foundation

Concrete foundations from a crawlspace entail short foundation walls created above footings. These walls might be extremely short- forming a space that you typically need to crawl through. They can also be in the range of four feet in height, offering a room for furnace or storage.

Slab-on-Grade Foundation

A slab-on-grade type of foundation is a robust slab that rests on the earth. Typically, the slab refers to the monolithic pad, while the grade refers to the level of the ground.

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